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Script to set local password policy

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Anyone have a script (or know the registry keys) for setting a local user password policy? I'm looking to set this on computers that are not part of domain. 

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  • I handled that like this:

    More info about that PS one-liner here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23260656/modify-local-security-policy-using-powershell

    ps one-liner info
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  • What are steps 3-8 doing. Does step 1 not do all the changes?

  • those enable password complexity requirement. See this link for more info: stackoverflow.com/.../modify-local-security-policy-using-powershell

  • Is it possible to do this without powershell because a lot of our computers dont have powershell installed?

    Also is it possible to exclude a certain user from this policy because we have our kaseyaadmin account we dont want to change password every x days?

  • Procedure Manage Local User Accounts.xml

    Here is a sample of what we use to rename the local administrator account to admin and, in this example, change that user's password to "YourSecur3P@ssw0rd!"