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(Powershell) Scripting for Beginners - Jumping back in at the deep end!

  • Hi all, It has been a looong time....

    I'm back in the fold after a very long few months away from Kaseya - I left it at 6.3 and coming back in at version 9.x with a new job.

    My new employer is keen for me to get to grips with more in-depth powershell scripting than I have been required to know previously. - I've been very open and honest that coding, and more specifically creating powershell scripts more than a few lines long will be a fairly new skill set for me as I haven't had to do an awful lot of ground-up scripting before (outside of the standard VSA drag-drop framework).

    Could anybody please point me in the general direction of known-good powershell resources? There's an awful lot of stuff out there and I'm unsure which are considered 'worthwhile' places to start and which are a general waste-of-time.

    I've Googled a lot and there's are many options, therefore if anybody knows any genuinely excellent paths to take then that's going to save me a lot of time and get me back on track a lot sooner that would be incredibly helpful. - I really appreciate any advice offered on the matter. Smile

    Thanks so much in advance.


  • Honestly I don't want to be "that guy" but really the best thing for you to do right now is figure out what problem(s) you need to solve.

    The problem isn't that you need to learn powershell.

    The problem is you want X done, and powershell either can or can't do it for you.

    Generally the way I get powershell scripts made is deciding what i need the script to do and starting with what I know and adding to it by googling and using whatever information I find to help me. This has lead me to learn a LOT and it's all mostly reusable.

    So start with something you think might be easy, like I wan't powershell to create a desktop shortcut for all users (or whatever you want) and then you'll be able to learn how to do that based on what you already know.

    I haven't found many good sources of solid powershell knowledge online, but lots of random websites have good information about how to do one thing or another.

  • Thanks Erik, that's pretty much the approach I have been taking up until now and it sort of works.  - I just never quite feel like I'm doing things in the most optimised of ways.

    Thanks again, it's good to know that I'm  not the only one that has been doing it that way! :-D

  • This site is an excellent resource for scripting - both powershell and vbscript:


  • Actually in retrospect I do have one piece of advice;

    For your purposes, try to make sure all your powershell scripts run in Powershell 2.0.

    I've found the large majority of agents older than windows 8 or server 2012 still only have powershell 2.0 on them (some older xp and 2003 machines don't even have it installed unless you go out of your way with patch management).

  • I agree with Eric its a decision you have to make on a case by case basis.

    Here are some links to online resources I have used in the past;

    Philly PoSH's Youtube Channel (This one is good for learning PowerShell)







  • Thanks guys :) Much obliged.

    I used to use ss64.com, great resource I had completely forgotten - also agree that the Spiceworks forum is great. Those other links are super useful, thanks HardKnoX (good to see a name I remember!)

    Eric, thanks for your support - very handy tip there about 2.0 and one I had definitely not considered.