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Need a procedure to block certain websites

  • Hey Guys,

    I need some help with a procedure that I can run on a workstation to block access to certain websites.

    Lets, say that I want to block the website, www.weather.com

    how would I do that.

  • Procedure Hosts File Update.xml

    Update the hosts file to point to the local machine or somewhere of your choosing.

    Edit the attached with the sites you need.  Just add extra lines using the write text to file step.

  • Is this for one single endpoint computer or multiples? If a single endpoint, I think you can edit the hosts file. If multiple endpoints i suggest using settings in your router/firewall

  • Is correct. I don't think I would use Kaseya for this on a large scale. I would rather edit the firewall to block the undesired traffic.

  • Quicky is to make a file with the list of sites you don't want and point them to (FILE2). Send that to your target machine.

    Be sure to make a backup copy first of the original host file. Make a script using DOS and use the original file (FILE1).


    File1 will be your updated host file file with the blocked websites.