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Script to initiate patch test

  • Hey all!

    So there is a system script 107 that can be initiated as a one off to test the credential assigned to each agent on the Agent module > Set Credential.  I am looking to do this same thing with the patch test.  However, testing the patching facilities is much more difficult than simply running the system script for doing so.  I believe I need to pass some additional information to the script to get the patch test working.

    Does anyone have or has anyone heard of a script to kick this off on a regular basis to perform the "Patch Test" to test the patching configuration and facilities?

    Please let me know.


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  • Gopinath,

    Thanks for the reply.  It looks like this may relate more to the patch scan vs the patch test.  We use one of the "System" procedures as a method to initiate a patch scan.  I've noticed that sometimes the data doesn't update after a patch run so we can also use the script to force it.

    However, I am looking for something more that will test the patching facilities using the "Test" button on "Patch Status" in the GUI.  The referenced thread appears to relate to the patch scan specifically.

    Have you seen any method to do the patch test?

    Please let me know.


  •  5808.Procedure Folder System Procedures USP - Copy.zip

    Try attached Scripts


    Thank you for the reply.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what I was running into when I attempted to do this.

    You are basically calling the system script directly.  There are some hidden variables for this script as it looks likes this script failed as well with the variable undefined:

    The script definitely calls the "Patch Test" system script as expected. However, it requires some additional variables to be defined.  This was my original issue.

    Is anyone familiar with what these variables may be?

    Please let me know.