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Unzip Command - Agent Procedures

  • Does anyone know if the Unzip command in Agent Procedures still works in v6.5? I've tried it a couple of ways, but it doesn't extract the files.


  • Test it out locally in command line and then if it works, replicate the same procedure utilizing ExecuteCommand()

    Especially if its zipped using gzip, rar... I don't know if that function will work.

    I always try to avoid the System functions if I can't troubleshoot it within 5 minutes.

    Executing everything from cmd, vbs or powershell is the way to go. Gives more control and power.

  • Bill, if unzip isn't working submit a ticket and we will get it fixed.

  • It appears that it's only not working on my Test PC (it is working on other PCs). I will investigate the situation on the Test PC. Thanks!!

  • Please let me know what you find out. It should work on all supported operating systems.