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New Software - Speedtest Commmand Line

  • Procedure speedtest.xml


    I am the developer of a command line front end to speedtest.net that i thought might be useful to everyone.  Using this software with Kaseya allows us to get accurate and up to date bandwidth estimates automatically.  Attached is the Kaseya script we use to run this.  Below is some information on the software itself


    "speedtest is a command-line interface to http://speedtest.net written in theGo programming language. Like all good tools, speedtest was written to scratch an itch – mainly that I wanted a quick and easy way to test Internet speeds on machines with limited or now modern web-browsers or even without a UI. Often, I’d find myself logged into a locked down server and rather than spend minutes adding sites to secure zones, allowing javascript, etc. all in an effort just to test the download and upload speeds."

    If you enjoy speedtest or use it in your work please drop me a line and let me know.

    Github code (contribute to speedtest):https://github.com/zpeters/speedtest

    Compiled binaries: http://media.thehelpfulhacker.net/index.php?dir=speedtest/

    Added the kaseya script as an attachment
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  • First comment/question:

    (I can't thank you enough for taking the time to code this and share it with the Kaseya Community!)

    Second comment/question:

    Have you angered the SpeedTest.net gods?  How long until they explicitly block this application, on account of having cut into their ad revenue?

  • //impressed. Thank you.

  • Thanks, stay tuned.  I've got some more scripts and apps to drop soon ;-)

  • Brilliant.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Not sure if this is being blocked now or if I'm having an isolated issue. This is what I'm getting when trying to run the app. Anyone else having any luck?

    Finding fastest server..

    2838 | Shelby Broadband (Louisville, KY, United States)

    2013/12/11 09:28:05 Testing download speed

    ..2013/12/11 09:28:22 Cannot test download speed of 'speedtest.shelbybb.com/.../random750x750.jpg& - 'Cannot contact server'

  • Hi,

    just did a test of the procedure forr one of our client where i'm doing this test manually eacht time i go on visit.

    The resulst is 4 times less than when I did it manually ?

    any explanations ?


  • here are some resultsof the script ran on different servers at the same location !!!!!!! - strange

    Ping: 151.04 ms | Download: 3.25 Mbps | Upload: 147.66 Mbps

    Ping: 23.67 ms | Download: 5.42 Mbps | Upload: 76.48 Mbps

    Ping: 49.67 ms | Download: 2.58 Mbps | Upload: 3.09 Mbps

  • Would someone with difficulties please run with the "-d" flag and email me at "zpeters@gmail.com"?  I'll see what i can come up with.  

  • can you test again, i was able to use this server just fine

  • test again why ? nothing changed from my end, so what would be the difference

  • hi, this is what I get with -d

    Loading config from speedtest.net

    Config: &{ 50.8333 4.3333 Destiny N.V}

    Getting servers list...(2482) found

    Finding fastest server..

    2848 | Cu.be Solutions (Diegem, Belgium)

    Ping: 132.01 ms | Download: 3.82 Mbps | Upload: 3.83 Mbps

  • just checked the other details wich were mailed to me

    upload is now between 3 Mbps and 5 Mbps but still alvast divided by factor of 4.

    the manually values are around 16 / 18 Mbps

    the fatest server is not always the same, however I ran the test on 4 servers located in the same place

    (computerroom )

  • Thank you all for the feedback.  I'll dig in a little tonight and see what i can come up with.  My research to date has shown that the speedtest.net website does lie a bit on it's speeds but i have a few ideas for trying to get the client to at least match their fibs :-)  Below is from the FAQ at github with a little more detail

    Why don't my speeds match those reported from the speedtest.net website?

    The calculation that is used for testing download speeds is literally measuring the amount of data we are downloading (we request a "random" image and count how many bytes are received) and how long it takes to download. We multiply by the correct factors to get from bytes to megabits. I consider this to be an honest and accurate measurement.

    In speedtest.net's reference documentation they describe doing a lot of manipulation to the restults to return an "ideal" measurement (support.speedtest.net/.../20862782-How-does-the-test-itself-work-How-is-the-result-calculated-). This, to me, is trading accuracy for speed and not what I'm looking for out of a testing tool.

    For confirmation that my download calculations are correct I have tested against a few other speed testing sites, specifically http://testmy.net ("What makes TestMy.net better") who appear to use an "unfiltered" method of calculating bandwidth speeds. These results typically match up with speedtest.net cli

  • I'm using this test when preparing the Préventive Maintenance reports for OUR CLIENTS so would be nice having this 100% accurate.

    questions : which param can be used ?

    would be a nice tool to display in the VSA