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Report of users in each mailbox store

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Anyone have a script that runs on exchange 2007/2010 that will give me a list of all users and what mailbox store they are in?

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  • Haven't got a script, but this PS command will tell you what user is in what database if that's any help?

    Get-Mailbox | ft name,Database -AutoSize

  • Maybe this can help you :


    But for plan it in Kaseya, I don't have tried as the powershell are not well support with the PS module and Snap-in... (Kaseya what are you doing for?? ;))

  • I agree, Kaseya's support of powershell is terrible - but it's dead easy to call up a PS shell with the modules you need and then execute your commands using a .PS1 file.  This works every time for me and doesn't rely on the script procedures.

    Since getting heavily into PS i have almost entirely abandoned DOS and VB and would strongly urge everyone else to do the same.  (And for anyone who can't move to PS yet because they're working on old systems, it's time to upgrade and make your own lives a heck of a lot easier)

  • @LightJockey Can you share your way of execute powershell in Kaseya with import of module ? I've tried some way but can't have what I want, every time the machine report me "Import-Module "name of module" isn't a recognized as a command" ...