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2x Client Install

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Anyone have a script to install and configure the 2x client? I'd like to be able to install and configure the servers settings all through the script if possible. 

Probably not too difficult to write but if someone already wrote one ill take the easy way out... 

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  • not to steal this thread, how do you like the 2x client? do you use it in place of the kaseya rdp/vnc tools? is it cost effective?

  • to install 2x, you need to install the client and save your configuration as a .2xc file. You'll need to access the 2xc file when you install (i push it and the client to the PC). Install with this command:

    %windir%\System32\msiexec.exe /qn /i "#agentDrv#temp\2XClient.msi" DEFSETTINGS=2xsetting.2xc OVERRIDEUSERSETTINGS=1 TUXGINA=1

    if you are installing to a x64 machine, use msiexec from sysWOW64 and the corresponding 64bit 2X client.