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Deployed K2 and now seeing script error: WUA Patch Scan 1 failing.

  • We've recently upgraded to K2 and are now seeing alot of this error, is this common?


    5:56:40 am 6-Aug-12

    WUA Patch Scan 1 (x86)

    Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 8

    5:56:40 am 6-Aug-12

    WUA Patch Scan 1 (x86)

    FAILED to create THEN step 8, Execute Agent DLL Function. Error = Script variable is undefined. It must be defined by a GetVariable step earlier in this script or a parent script., DLL = C:\Atlantic-

  • Jeffrey,

    That error is most often thrown when the KServer is at 6.0 or later and the agent version on the endpoint is 5.x.  The variable that is undefined (according to the error) was not introduced until 6.0.  Therefore, when the script asks the agent to provide this variable, the agent doesn't know what the script is talking about.  Thus, the script fails.  

    Please navigate to Agent > Update Agent, select the agents, and update to the most recent version.  After the update is applied, re-run patch scan.  You should no longer see this error.

    Thank you,