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Simple copy procedure failing

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I have set up a simple copy procedure that impersonates a network user with access to my share, checks for 32-bit or 64-bit OS, and copies to the proper location based on that test. It fails with a strange error.

\\\updates\star\certdb.txt FAILED to copy to C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\lib\security\certdb.txt. File size of 10546 does not match source size of 20002.

What does that even mean in this context? My best guess is that the file is being copied to the Kaseya Agent's storage location, and, when it is compared with the source, the file size is off. Assuming that guess is correct, what can I do to remedy this? If I'm incorrect, what is the actual problem here? Thanks for your help.

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  • I don't know if this applies to your situation or not but worth a look anyway. I believe that Kaseya uses "XCOPY" but maybe they're similar in their behaviour?:

    "Immediately a file is copied, XXCOPY checks the size of the newly

        created file in the destination directory.  If the file size does

        not match the source, the error message will be shown.  Under

        normal circumstance, this should not happen.  But, in a multi-

        tasking environment such as Windows, a file which was just

        closed may be subjected to a modification by another process which

        is not necessarily a fatal condition.  XXCOPY does not interpret

        the severity of such an incident.  Therefore, it is up to you to

        make the assessment as to the purpose of the file.  In many cases,

        the error condition is not  very serious.  Otherwise, you may turn

        off *ALL* processes except XXCOPY when you clone the current volume

        to another volume."

  • @zippo Hmm. I supposed that's a possibility. If I manually check the computer on which the procedure is run, the file didn't make it to my desired location.

  • Just as a test - have you tried running "XCOPY" or "ROBOCOPY" from a command line to see if the file copies correctly using your paths above?

  • I just tested it, and it works.

  • It pains me to suggest it but it's probably time to open a support ticket. Make sure you give them all the info including your tests.

  • I will try that. Thanks for your help.