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Copying the last full backup and incrementals to USB

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    Hi all,

    I am using Shadowprotect which creates numerous backup files. Currently, I am running a weekly backup and intra-day incremental backups.

    My backup target is a folder on a backup PC which is storing these backup files.

    I am looking for a way to copy the last full weekly backup and all the incrementals from this folder to a USB drive.

    The weekly full backups have the following filename format: ID-identifier.spf + a corresponding md5 file - ie. C_VOL-b027.spf and C_VOL-b027.md5

    The daily incrementals have the following file format: ID-identifier-increment.spi + a corresponding .md5 file - ie. C_VOL-b027-i001.spi and C_VOL-b027-i001.md5

    I only need the last full backup because the USB hard drives are rotated daily, and they are of a smaller capacity than the target backup folder.

    Thanks in advance.