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    i want to update my Adobe-Flash, Reader, on client PC. If anyone help me about that how can i update this product through kaseya Scripts.





  • Hello Jay.

    Look at KSDU. Or use easy own scripts and ninite.com.

    Regards, Kai

  • Hello Jay

    Maybe this can help with a number of things? http://upstream.se/sv/blog/power-pack-updates-2011-12-15

    Kinds regards

    Ronny Tunfjord, Upstream

  • Thanks Ronny It's working very nice................

  • After writing hundreds of procedures over the years, a number of them for Adobe/Flash/Java/etc, I was part of the group that got the software deployment module off the ground for simplifying and automating new deployments and updates :)


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  • Hello Ben,

    Software-deploymen module is great to use..but what if Clients wants the task to be done using scripts...A lots of scripts have defined urls that downloads the specific Update and installs to the machine.

    Can we have some scripts like that can help us in knowing which machines have older version and can apply another script to install or update the latest available Flash or Java applications.

  • If you are using KSDU you will be able to detect not only if applications are missing from a machine that is supposed to have them, but you'll be able to find out which systems have older versions of an application.

    Depending on your configuration, those updates can be automatically installed without you having to lift a finger as it is all policy controlled. 

    No scripting needed.

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