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Call an Agent Procedure on a different machine from within an Agent Procedure.

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I have been working on some VB scripts to check a website for Application Pool errors.

Basically, if a certain file is not available, I know that the pool is down.

When that happens a different script is called to stop the website, stop the app pool, restart the app pool, and finally restart the website.

This all works fine from the local machine (WEBSRV.company1.root) as part of an Agent Procedure, but I would rather run the "check website" portition from a different machine in a different machine group (CHECK.company2.root).

Is there a simple way in Kaseya Agent Procedure calls to run a procedure, if the procedure fails, run a procedure on a DIFFERENT machine within a different machine group?

I have thought of running the "check website" procedure on CHECK.company2.root and if it fails, FTP a file (error.txt) to WEBSRV.company1.root.  Then have a separate procedure running on WEBSRV.company1.root that checks for error.txt, if it is found run an Agent Procedure to restart the website / app pool.

It's a dirty way to do it, but logically it should work.


Does anyone have any ideas on making this work within a single Agent Procedure that can call a secondary procedure on a machine in a different machine group?

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  • The "schedule procedure" operation can be used to do this. Variables can be exchanged between the two procedures by using the "get Variable - universal" and "read variable - universal" steps, too.