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Monitoring Registry Key

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Hi Guys,

Sorry I have limited access to the internet and searching through the forum from my phone is pain staking.

I wanted to ask everyone the best way to monitor a registry key and if/what it changes to?

Any information would be greatly appreciated and I am happy to share any completed scripts.

Thanks in advance.

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  • With a Kaseya script, you could periodically export the desired registry key to a file. Then use Get File in the next step to send it to ./Docs or something and set the option to "alert if file has changed".

    There are likely better solutions out there that can also provide information such as who (user or process ID) changed the key as well.

  • It seems to me that in order to find out if the value has changed you're first going to need to know what the registry value was then write that value somewhere (in another key, or a file, or in a custom Kaseya field, for example). Then, periodically, get the current value of the key and compare it to the previous value.