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New Adobe Flash Player 11.x DL URL's

  • For those who care;

    Flash Player for Internet Explorer / ActiveX


    Flash Player for non-IE web browsers




  • Cheers Knox :)

  • I think it was just a few months ago I updated my agent procedures for Adobe 10.x :(

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  • Here are the MSI's...

    Flash 11 for Windows2000-7 Internet Explorer:



    Flash 11 Player for Windows 2000-7, Firefox, Opera, Chrome/Safari:



    Use the following to install:

    msiexec /qn /norestart /i install_flash_player_11_active_x_32bit.msi

    FYI the 64bit installer includes the 32bit version also.

  • Oh and if you want to do a scripted install with the executable installers use the "-install" switch.

    Also a note regarding MSI vs Exe installers.

    MSI installers are generally very easy to use which is why most IT admins like to use them and they are great.

    From a Kaseya Automation point of view if you need to automate your deployment depositories I found that MSI's are not so great as unlike executable files, MSI's have no File Version information, so you are left with checking the file size or creation dates instead. That is also the reason why you will see why most MSI's have the version information as part of the file name.

    At the end there is no real wrong way of doing this just different methods Smile

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  • Something else regarding the 32 and 64 bit installers. If you have a 64bit OS you only have to install the 64bit Flash Player version as it also installs the 32bit version automatically at the same time.

  • msi files not available

  • Seems that they have combined the 32 & 64bit versions into a single installer

    Use these: