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%ProgramFiles% variable incorrect on 64bit machines

  • Procedure Run - Java - Test.xml

    Hi Guys,

     I believe that that the Kaseya script engine TEST FILE procedure incorrectly translates the variable %ProgramFiles% into “C:\Program Files (x86)” as opposed to “C:\Program Files” on 64bit machines.

     This is demonstrated by the attached script which searches for java.exe

     The results which test for Java on a 64bit machine give the following (incorrect) results.


    Can anyone else verify if they are getting these results?




  • That is normal behavior because the agent is 32-bit and that variable redirects based on the application calling it. More information here: en.wikipedia.org/.../%25SYSTEMROOT%25

    Hope this helps.

  • You can "Execute shell command" using a 64bit shell, just check the box in the procedure step.  This may solve your issue.

    Aside from that, for using "test file" step, you may need to IF a "windows 32 or 64 bit check" first, then test file accordingly.


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  • Thanks for your input guys


    Assuming that the OS has been installed to the C Partition, on 64bit machines the %programfiles% variable should redirect to C:\Program Files and %programfiles(x64)% should redirect to C:\Program Files (x64). To test this simply type these variables into the search box on a Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit machines and see what folders open. You can also view these variables using the SET command from a CMD window.

    edit: I agree with you that its the 32-bit Kaseya agent getting this wrong...but I don't believe this should be the expected behaviour. I have submitted a bug to Kaseya.


    Unfortunately there is no 'using 64bit shell' when doing an IF --> TEST FILE check within Kaseya.

    I am already using an IF --> Windows 32 or 64 bit Check prior to running the IF --> TEST FILE check. I have attached the script.



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  • Your test is not accurate because it is calling the variable with a 64-bit command prompt.

    You should be testing with C:\WINDOWS\SysWow64\cmd.exe to get a 32-bit command prompt. Then try "echo %PROGRAMFILES%"

  • Ahhh...you are correct!

    So there may in fact be nothing that Kaseya can do in regards to this? Unless I ask them to put a '64bit checkbox option' for the IF --> TEST FILE option?

    In the meantime...I will recode using a 64/32 check...then use the %ProgramW6432% variable where needed.

    Many thanks for your help.


  • Yes, Kaseya still has a lot of work to do. As long as you understand the concepts, you should be able to find ways to work around Kaseya's shortcomings.