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What does this error mean : failed executing agent procedure "$ver$netcred1$

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I'm trying to understand what this error is trying to tell me, a few machines (four of twenty) at one installation are throwing it, they all pass their credential check..


machine.site.client failed executing agent procedure "$ver$netcred1$machine.site.client" on 2011-06-08 15:51:04Z
Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 3
Check the machine''''s Agent Procedure log for additional details.

Ive checked the Agent procedure Log it is similarly unrevealing.

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  • Looks like a credentials issue, verify your agents credentials that you are running the procedure/script on and update it if it fails.

  • I'd love to, I don't have anything scheduled on these machines so I'm guessing its something automatic inside kaseya.

  • :) Have you verified the agent credentials for the machine you getting this error on?

  • If you mean the Set credentials menu under Configure Agents, yes, was the first place I stopped and checked. These are set AND passes its test... the other 16 machines dont have an issue and are all on the same LAN.

  • In the Agent Procedure log, there should be an entry that correlates to the above error that reads along the lines of "...Failed in step 3..." followed by some additional information.  The Agent Procedure log will indicate what the script was trying to do in step 3 - could be a write error or getvariable or open file issue...but it should be a bit more elaborate within the log than it is in Procedures History.

  • I think I have found it,

    Error message was reporting:

    "Failed in processing THEN step 3, Schedule Script, with error Invalid User"

    The cause of this was that the location for patches had been changed (old machine shut down) so didnt exist, these machines still had the old location on them.

    So the error message was misleading at best.

    Guess I'll know in the next few days.