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List all shedules for all machines

  • Hello,

    After working for some time with kaseya we have created a big mess with a lot of scripts/procedures in kaseya. We would like to get an overview of all the schedules for all the procedures that are scheduled to run. I know that it is possibile to see per script seperaly when it will run, but i would like to get an overview of all the procedures in 1 time.

    Maybe there are some SQL scripters out there who know how to pull this data out of the database...

    Kind regards,

    Anton Willemse

  • think you would need to define a little more.

    if you had a lot o f machines this would be one ugly view.

    If you have scripts that are scheduled all over the place would you not be better clearing whats there and starting again - one script at a time.

    We have done that a few times - as for the lists it is possible via SQL but as I said would be very messy depending on what your really looking for.

  • Maybe I'm missing something but whats wrong with distribution under agent procedures?

  • You can create a report for this, but the layout is horrible.  Audit Report -> Machine Summary -> Select Pending Procedures only.  

  • Lingario, you are not missing something. This would be almost the ideal solution. To be honest, i didn't know about the existence of this feature, thanks for pointing me in that direction!

    There is just one problem, "distribution" show schedules that ran in the past. I would like to get the same list for schedules in the future. Why? Because offline machine's don't run their scheduled procedures on the scheduled time.

    mmartin, starting over again is only an option when nothing else provides me with a solution. Problem is that we have both over here. Lots and lots of scripts, on a lot of computers. Some are workarounds to keep the clients running (like restarting services that crash). Some are just cleanup scripts. Anyway, it's a big mess. That one of my negative sides as being a programmer, i'm not that organised.... haha

    Thanks in advance...

  • Eddy,

    That was exactly what i needed. The layout is indeed horrible, but at least i can see the upcoming schedules, instead of the history. Thanks for your answer, my problem is solved!

    Case closed...

    Thanks for all the help. I didn't expect an answer so quickly! I will try and contribute to this forum as much is i can now...


    Anton Willemse