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"Give current user admin rights" not working?

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I need to deploy OpenVPN clients to bunch of computers which users work without admin priviledges. These computers are mostly Windows XP. OpenVPN doesn't seem to install if installing with system account so I need to install it with user account. My procedure works fine if user has admin rights. Then I try to make it working with non-admin users by adding the "Give current user admin rights" for 15min step at the beginning of procedure. Still I get installer error about insufficient permissions. Has anyone tested if this option works?

Or is there some nice alternative way to do this or do you consider Kaseya generally safe enviroment to put administrator password into variable and install software with admin credentials?

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  • We have found that this adds the user to the local Administrators group but it does not apply the permissions until a logout or reboot occurs.

    You can try using the Set Credentials option instead.

  • create_install_user.xml

    It seems that some machines that are most of the time hadn't most recent admin password from domain cached, so I made another procedure which adds local admin user and disables the user. And when I run some script I enable the user, use "Impesonate User" function and disable the user again when procedure is done.



  • The permission change doesn't take effect until the user logs out and logs back in. I need to update this particular step to query the user to do just that, then force a logout once the specified timeout expires.

  • Not to hijack, but the "give current user admin rights" is a permanent setting?

  • Only if you tick the box "Override time limit and make admin rights assignment permanent.".