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  • ShadowProtect Installer.zip

    In the spirit of sharing and because we've benefited from scripts that other people have generously published on here, here's my latest script.

    We look after a lot of servers that have ShadowProtect on them. Installing the updates on each individual server takes a long time, so I've written this script to do it for us.

    There's a problem with the latest installers of ShadowProtect in that they're seen as dangerous by Sonicwalls. In preparing for this script, you therefore need to use 7za.exe to zip and encrypt the ShadowProtect installer. The script then unencrypts the file at the other end for you.

    The script will also check whether there's the Server or SBS version of ShadowProtect installed. If both versions have previously been installed on a particular server (even by mistake), then remnants of this will be stored in the registry. There are instructions on how to correct this the first time, so that the script can choose the correct version in future.

    You can also choose just SBS or Server mode so that it will not choose for you.

    All instructions are in the notes.


    Please let me know if you have any problem with this.

    Hopefully it will save you as much time as it saves us...

    [edited by: Simon Burbidge at 9:06 PM (GMT -7) on 3-15-2011] Edited to update the attached XML file.
  • ShadowProtect Installer.zip

    Updated ZIP file including new script to install/update Image Manager.

    [edited by: Simon Burbidge at 12:59 AM (GMT -7) on 3-18-2011] New version of the Image Manager script that takes the file from the KServer instead of downloading from StorageCraft (which was unreliable)
  • Thanks Simon! This will be very helpful.

  • Hi Simon...

    I've just been asked to look at your procedures... seems very promissing.

    However, by the look of it on ftp://ftp.storagecraft.com.au , it seems SP does not differentiate SPSBS and SPServer any more with version 4.2.5...

    It also seems this latest version does not produce the ISS file when running the installer with the /r switch (but the zip downloaded from the FTP site does provide a whole bunch of them under language subfolders).

    I don't really want to start working on the procedures you made available on 18/03/2011 before asking...

    Do you have an updated version of your procedures ?


    Francis Germain

  • Hi Francis,

    They were very useful to us up to v4.1.5, but as you say, it has become more complex since then. There's also the issue of the virtual edition that complicates matters further.

    I haven't worked on them since the version that I uploaded, because by the time I needed to work on them, the new ShadowProtect module for Kaseya had been announced. I'm waiting on that module in the hope that it will allow us to roll out updates.

    If you do come up with any solutions to the problems above though, I'd be very interested in hearing them. Also, let me know if I can help with any of the existing scripts.


  • There is now only 1 installer for all versions of ShadowProtect.

    The license key determines the edition that gets installed / activated.

  • Hey Guys.

    Just seen i'm working on the same procedure. Do you have any updates for sharing?

  • I've managed to construct working v5 install scripts using the command line options documented here - www.storagecraft.com/.../200

    With regards to upgrades - I found there is an undocumented option (UPGRADE=TRUE) which seems to work fairly reliably, though your mileage may vary.

    Results of installations and upgrades are written to C:\Program Files (x86)\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect\Logs\installLog.txt - thats where I discovered the UPGRADE=TRUE switch.