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SNMP Monitoring

  • Right lets try that again as my original post seems to have been lost.....

    I am investigating how to improve our monitoring of mac and Linux boxes with the help of SNMP but due to the reactive nature of SNMP monitoring in kaseya I can't see a way of getting this to proactively alert us for server outages etc.

    Has anyone had any luck getting this to proacvtively alert?  Any pointers or am I heading down a dead end?

    Any pointers gratefully appreciated.

  • Hi there, this is a huge topic but we nailed ESX Boxes.

    Download HP SIM MIB Pack h18000.www1.hp.com/.../mibkit.html

    Download, install Getif, unzip those mibs above into the c:\program files\getif\mib directory

    Poll the ESX box to test if SNMP is repsonding properly. (I'd almost guarentee its not)

    What you need to observe with Getif is a few things.

    1. Is the OID of the iso.org.dod.mgmt repsonding? How many Results are returned? It should be about 4K

    2. Are the OID's of any of the PRIVATE mib tree repsonding? Should get 8000 or so results

    If you don't get many results returned from the MBROWSER tab in getif, SNMP isn't working on the ESX box, this is a big topic also, you need to use NANO edit /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf and allow public snmp queries for .1 (the highest level oid). Then , re run getif, and more results should be returned.

    Please note, VMWARES website explain how to enable SNMP on ESX boxes, I have about 5 documents all from different vendors about how to set it up.

    Dell has a document for Dell / Open Manage ESX which tells you exactly how to do it, Google is your friend.

    Lastly, as long as you know your ESX box is repsonding to SNMP queries properly, then use Kaseyas built in DELL RAID ESX sets, i did all of the above stuff on the Dell boxes we look at, but NEVER considered making a new SNMP set for any of it, it was unneccessarily reinventing the wheel.

    Hope that points you in the right direction.

  • Thanks Mark, plenty of research to be done there and I will let you know as the testing proceeds how we get along.