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VMware SNMP monitoring - Import MIB

  • We want to start with monitoring some VMware ESX(i) 4 servers.
    First thing I wanted to do was import the MIB's provided by VMware.

    How do I do this? If I upload the MIB file and select "Add MIB Objects" there's nothing visible in iso.org.dod.internet.enterprises.vmware.*

    Is there a way to reload the iso.org.dod.internet tree somehow?

    I think I know how to add the MIB to a SNMP monitoring set, but then I first need to have the MIB in the iso.org.dod.internet tree.....Confused

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  • You know, I had a talk with Kaseya at the user summit and it seemed they really want to work with us on this. Submit a ticket to K support letting them know what you want from this SNMP set and see if they'll work with you to get it (they have some really evil guys who wqork on this kind of stuff). Please update us in the forums as to how it progresses (or doesn't).

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