I have my log parser working properly, and I can pull specific items from the log based on log file parameters I have set. I have a date and a time parameter, but only have the option in parser set to filter by equal, not equal, contains, over, and under. The problem is that I want to compare it to today.

The reason I need this, is because the log I am parsing is not text or xml based. I have to run a program that converts it to plain text and it replaces the current existing log. Unfortunately, when it does so, It replaces the entire log and then all entries (I assume) are then read as new entries by the log parser. So alerts I get from yesterday appear as new alerts today, I have to manually equate each alarm to ensure that it isn't an old alarm. Is there anyway I can have my parser set only pull events that are less than a day old, when the data is in the MM/DD/YYYY format?

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