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Detecting Certain Windows Events

  • Greeting,

    In the past, I had an event log set to record all event log activity on a server. I would then create an ignore list to filter out all the noise. I found this to be time consuming and decided to take a different approach.

    I removed the record all events monitor set and created specific event log monitor set(s) to look for specific events(errors) in the system, application, dns, etc.

    Now, when an event occurs, Kaseya should review what event log monitor sets that are in place and take apporiate action.

    The problem is that no events are being monitor. I have re-created situations where events are produced in the necessary event logs but Kaseya wil not issue an alarm.

    Anyone come acorss this? Do I need to record all events just to monitor for specific events?

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  • Try creating an alert

    Monitoring |> Agent Monitoring > Alerts

    From the "Select Alert Function" select Event Logs, and tweak from there.

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