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What is high memory paging indicative of?

  • In the Kaseya sample monitor sets, there is a certain "ZC-SV2-Windows Server Monitor" which follows the Memory counter Pages/sec. The monitor goes red at over 90 pages/second.

    But what does this monitor really monitor, and what is the symptom of over 90 pages per second indicative of? I have one server that regularly go over this threshold and suddely another server goes over thousands of pages per second.

    What is going on here? Why all the paging? Should i panic? What is the reason and what is the remedy?

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  • It can be indicative of many things. It depends totally on what the spec's of a machine are and more importantly what is actually running on the machine and how those processes run.

    It can be an indication of a memory bottleneck ( i.e. not enough physical memory in the machine ) or maybe an application doing a number of disk read or write operations for data that is not currently in the system cache (such as a database application) . Without understanding everything related to the machine this information relates to, it is not really possible to give you a definitive reason why your counts are high.

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