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Monitor Sets Stop Monitoring

  • We are using Kaseya (2008) and for some reason our Monitor Sets stop monitoring on several servers (2003, 2008), has anyone run into a problems like this and what did you do to fix it, or please offer some sugestions.


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  • same problem here,

    We noticed this because of the dashboard. It is not just a couple of the servers, but a lot.

  • We're having a very similar problem where the Event Log Settings now suddely stopped alerting on Error events.  When we try to change the settings, they revert back and change randomly.  now, we have no way to know if somethign is wrong.

    I've opened a ticket since I think this is incredibly serious, but support seems to think it's not as important.  They know it's a problem, they just aren't too eager to fix it....

    Anyone else having this problem?

  • You should need a experts..