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Question about monitor sets - hopefully easy [:)]

  • I am using a slightly tweaked version of the base ZC-SV2-Windows Server Monitor template, and I am continually getting Page/sec fault alarms. I have it set for:

    Collection Operator: Over
    Collection Threshold: 0
    Sample Interval: 1 hr
    Alarm Operator: Over
    Alarm Threshold: 90
    Duration: 1hr
    ReArm: 2hrs

    I thought this would only trigger when the box was REALLY using the swap file, but can anyone check my math on this, and provide some insight into why this is always generating alarms? Thanks!

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  • The Pages/sec value does not directly correspond to the the Swap File being used. This value is simple a counter of how many pages were swapped in an out of memory (both physical RAM and the swap file).

    If you want to see how your Swap File is being used, you want to use the % Pagefile Usage number.

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