I am trying to configure SNMP Monitoring Set in Kaseya for routers & firewall (Especially Cisco 877, PIX 501, ASA 5510). I have a few questions.

1. I would like to configure SNMP Set for basic performance measure such as CPU, Memory & Interface Bandwidth Utilization.

2. Can LANWATCH scan snmp device in different lan subnet? Is there any other work around solution if kaseya's LANWATCH could not scan for snmp deivces in differnet lan subnet?

3. Can LANWATCH scan snmp device with different SNMP community string in LOCAL LAN? If yes, Please let me know the way.

For Questions No. 1, I've tried the following;
I have one server that directly connection to my internet router. I installed the kaseya agent on my server and scanned my router using Lan Watch by inserting SNMP string. It can find my router. I applied CPU 1 mins utilization MIB and monitored my devices for (4) hours. I got the data, and could show in kaseya with graphic view. But what my concern is, the data value that show in kaseya graphic & table view. It cannot show the data in timely manner. there is no value for sometimes. I also tried to put the MemoryPoolUtilization MIB and monitored the device but there was no value come out.

Hope someone could figure out my above questions.

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