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Whither customized monitor sets?

  • I must be missing something here. I tried to create a customized version of the "ZC-CM2-Disk Drive Performance" script so I could use it for other drives (by the way, I sure with there was a way to make scripts like this with "*:" meaning "all local drives").

    So I clicked on the edit icon, which opened up a change-and-assign window, and I modified the name and settings for a different drive later, clicked on "save" and "commit" for good measure.

    Then I want to look for and apply it. It's nowhere to be found! I tried closing, refreshing, etc., it's nowhere. Checked the Help and the Forum, no ideas there either.

    So tell me, how DO I customize and apply a individual script? What am I missing?


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  • apply the generic monitor set to the device, then click the little icon for 'create/edit a individualised monitor set' next to it's description in 'assign monitoring- this will let you modify parameters, but it will only apply to that machine

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