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Windows Is Shutting Down

  • We have all of the servers set for a reboot because of updates on Sunday morning around 3AM.

    Some servers are not shutting down/rebooting properly. Most of the services and the agent are still running, yet the screen on the server shows "Windows is now shutting down". So while RDP service might be shutdown all of the other services are still responding to monitoring.

    Anyone got ideas on how we can detect that state? We really do need to know if a server is hung in this state.

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  • Usually when this happens there's a particular service that is not releasing (stopping) in a timely manner, hosing the whole shutdown process (you'll see this frequently on an Exchange server). This is a difficult state to check for until you find out what is not stopping correctly on each affected server. Once you find out what is not stopping, then you can probably run a script that'll kills the services before rebooting (and then the server should reboot).

    However you'll find that this does not work for some servers (you can't find out why they won't reboot). This is why we only do manual reboots (a tech monitors the server's reboot). This way we confirm that the server is up.

    Finally, do the servers that hang like this ever show as offline?

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