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CPU Process Monitor Set

  • Hi,

    I have created a script that will run a exe to take a snap shot of the process list at the time of the script running.

    I would like some help creating a monitor set to check if the cpu hits >90 and then for it to run the script to take the snapshot.

    I am gratefull for any help


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  • Have a look at the sample monitor set "ZC-SV2-Machine Health". The first entry has monitoring of total CPU load. You'll probably want to change the sample interval from 1 hour to something smaller and change the alarm threshold to 90. This is where you set the alert level.

    You can delete the other entries and then save it as a new monitor set.

    Under Assign Monitor Set, apply this to the appropriate machines and at that time you select if you want to trigger an alert and trigger the script.

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