I'm assigning monitor sets to client machines and once a month, running a monitor set report. The monitor set report shows things like disk space, cpu utilization, memory usage, etc over the past month. I use this to give clients an idea of how hard their machines are being worked throughout the month and to decide if the machines need to be upgraded/replaced.

The problem is, anytime I make a change to a monitor set and re-apply it, there is no data on the report from before I made the change. It's like it considers itself a new monitor set. Does anyone know why this seems to be happening? The main problem is that the monitor sets are armed with alarms, some of which need to be disabled/modified. However, if I make the required changes I lose all reportable historical data on the machines.

I was thinking of having two monitor sets, one collecting data and one setting off alarms when thresholds are met, but that still seems like alot more data coming into a single KServer.

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