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  • Good Day All!!

    Being relatively new in the world of Monitoring and Kaseya Monitoring. I keep getting stuck on this issue:

    My managed Servers are constantly getting alarms from "Page/sec" I have them set so during normal times they are below threshold but during times of the day they spike. I don't think there is a problem, It seems to happen on most PC's or Servers. How can I prevent this spike from firing off an alarm. Is it as simple as increasing the duration? wont this have an impact elsewhere?

    Any comments are helpful

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  • The answer is really to extend the duration. If your server has a "high" pages/sec over an extended period of time, there could be something going on that needs looking into.

    An easy way to gauge what you need to set the values at, would be to go to Monitor -> Monitor Log, then select one of the available computers, click on "View" next to the Pages/Sec counter, and switch to Table View. This will list all the recorded values for Pages/Sec for the selected computer. If it has a red dot, it's an alert, yellow and it's a warning ...

    If you are getting excessive warnings, either adjust up the threshold values, or extend the duration that the value has to exceed the threshold before the alarm is triggered.

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