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Internet Monitoring Best Practices

  • Looking for some advise as to best practices for internet monitoring of clients (i.e. WAN Interface of T1 routers, etc). Through the external monitoring you can PING the IP or Webserver, or monmitor a specific port. All this continued traffic to and from the devices may alarm ISP's as to an attack. Anyone have any ideas.

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  • Your question is not really clear. Are you asking what you should be monitoring? and in relation to what, networking being down, security threats, services running or not? are you trying to monitor it from the outside or from inside the network?

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  • If continual traffic on a T1 alarms your ISP, you need a new ISP. Smile Connections are made to be used, especially leased lines. It's very minimal traffic when it comes down to it. A default ping on Windows is only 32 bytes... You have to ping a remote host 32 times to even reach 1KB. Pings are a very standard check mechanism anyway, there shouldn't be many ISPs who will shut you down for using them.

    Also, keep in mind that you're probably using a whole lot more traffic than that for agent communications back to your VSA. I don't have stats on how much bandwidth each check-in uses, but I imagine that a network full of agents checking in every few minutes will far outweigh the ping tests.

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