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Use Log Parser for 40 Logs

  • Not really a technical question, but more practical.

    My situation.

    Once in every 2 hours, my computer downloads about 40 logs from IP cameras. The logs are seperate text files named by IP adres (Paradise.txt)

    I made a log parser for the camera logs, but when I use the logparser to parse *.txt it will only parse the newest file (according to the manual).

    Sure, I configure 40 Log Parsers, ánd 40 Parser sets Eek, but there must be a more easy way to do this.

    Maybe I can combine all text files in one log, or find another way to Parse the 40 logs.

    Please post any idea so we can discuss it on the forum....
    (a happy dutch kaseya user)

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  • I wonder if you could use the archive log setting to overcome this.

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