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Lost Set for Dell Perc Conroller?

  • Hey,

    Prior to the last upgrade, I had an event set that would tell me when a Perc controller was in a degraded state. I just had one go down and had no notice, now I see it's no longer in my system. Does anyone have an event set that notifies when a disk get's dirty as below? Thanks.

    PERC 4/SC Controller 0, Array Disk 0:3 Sense Key = 3, Sense Code = 3, Sense Qualifier = 0. If this disk is part of a redundant virtual disk, select the 'Offline' option and then replace the disk. Then configure a hot spare and it will start the rebuild automatically. If this disk is a hot spare, select the 'Prepare to Remove' option and then replace the disk. If this disk is part of a non-redundant disk, you should back-up your data immediately. If the disk fails, you will not be able to recover the data.

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  • Are you on version 5? If so, go to the system tab, select configure, and then check off:

    Reload sample scripts
    Reload sample event sets
    Reload sample monitor sets

    This should give the set you are looking for.

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