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Can't open monitor sets from monitor tab

  • Hey all,


    I can't open Monitor sets from monitor to make new ones or alter old ones.
    All other features of Kaseya appear to be working fine, but when logging in as Master and Master to Kaseya, Clicking on Monitor then Monitor sets, get an error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
    Can now no longer setup monitoring because of this error.
    All other monitor options work and can be browsed into.
    Can go to individual monitor sets from other views and delete them, and I have deleted most of them in case one of these was corrupted.
    Have looked in event logs on Kserver and all services pertaining to Kaseya and all automatic services are running.
    Developers onsite believe error pertains to instructions rather than a database error, so appears to be program.

    Haven't restart Kserver yet and would prefer not to. 

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem as you do. Only we have it with SNMP Sets...

    I opened a support ticket at Kaseya, and am waiting for response.

  • Run a manual hotfix check, it should clear this up.

  • Nah, it didnt fix it for me. Already tried that. But thanks for the reply :)

  • Its sounds like errant code in IIS, but I would bet that if the Kaseya tech's log on they would suggest reapplying the schema.  I suppose thats possible that that might work, as it may be that the somethings gotten skewed.  

    hopefully they will be rebuilding things like the snmp tree, as that has always been unusable for me.

  • We had this message the past two days. K support told us to install the latest hotfix which we did last night and it corrected the error.

  • If you recieve an error when running th hotfix, reboot the server, stop the Kaseya services when the server is back up, then run hotfixes again. This was what we had to do.