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True Website Uptime Monitoring?

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K2 Pals -

Has anyone had any luck creating either an Agent Proc, or something of that nature to monitor a group of websites? We have a small hosting wing of our organization, and we need to monitor quite a few sites to see if they are active, but some are configured to NOT respond to ping due to security reasons, and it seems like the web service check in the external monitoring/system check area of K2 does not function, meaning I have taken one site down just to see, and it was over 15 minutes with no response, even though the thresholds were set much, much lower. We have a weird PERL solution now, but its just not what we want to use, and since we had moved from N-Able, which had AWESOME site monitoring, I am just wondering if I am missing something. Thanks in advance for any guidance! :)

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  • Heh. I had the opposite. I would get false positive all the time on the external monitoring for websites. I had to eventually take it out.

  • cacti may be able to do that

  • I setup a set of batch files that I use through external monitoring from a dedicated "agent" host.

    The batch file calls wget and downloads the page to a .txt file.  Then, a separate part of the batch file checks the downloaded file for content it should expect to see.  

    A lot of times, we'll use the company's address listed on the bottom of the page since that usually doesn't change often.

    I made a change recently that will attempt 2 times waiting 5 seconds between attempts before it calls it a fail.