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External Monitoring inadequacies - help!

  • For some reason I swear I left Kaseya 2009 conference in Vegas with the impression that K2 would address this issue.  I'm pretty sure we were told that alerts would not only be triggered automatically but canceled when the condition again tested normal.

    We use external monitoring to monitor client's VPNs between locations.  It would be very much an improvement if the built in external monitoring would report not only when there is a failure but when the connection is re-established. 

    We do external TCP/PING monitoring now using Pingdom.com and rely on Kaseya for internal monitoring behind firewalls.

    With Pingdom we receive notice both when the test fails and again when it comes back:

    Subject: DOWN alert: SMTP Check ( is DOWN 14:01

    Subject: UP alert: SMTP Check ( is UP 14:05

    Kaseya for example only sends the down notice:

    Subject: CLIENT_SITE-Ping check alermed for

    Our NOC are therefore forced to login to Kaseya after hours intermittently to verify if the issue is resolved.  To avoid false alerts we also have to increase the notification period longer than we would prefer.

    We would welcome Kaseya addressing this with a more useful external monitoring otherwise this gap may need to be filled by scripts, etc.  Anyone have one?


  • You could trigger a script to write a file or registry entry or something, I'd keep it simple 0 for up 1 for down.  create your script to ping test as you are then compare the file value that way you can filter out the constant ups as opposed to the transition down to up and what not.