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Monitor alarms triggering Agent Procedures?

  • Is it possible to have monitor alarms trigger agent procedure in Kaseya? For example when "Page File: % Usage" reaches over 70%, I wanna create a procedure that will upgrade the virtual memory file size. Or when "Disk Space %" goes under 15% I want the alarm to trigger the agent procedure to automatically delete the C:\temp directory.


    Is this possible?



  • Yes this is possible just select the procedure when you're assigning the alarm.

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    @aabbasi    3020 is correct, to add on to that though,

    set up a monitor set for just one specific thing at a time, then have that set trigger your script

    A monitor sets act on thresholds. When a threshold (set by you) is crossed/exceeded then an action occurs (script, alert, email, ticket). Make sure you build your monsets for specific's when assigning scripts to them.

    as an example, I have a monitor set watching for event logs that reflect disk errors. Once detected a script is scheduled that runs a disk check on the PC. From there another monset is watching for the event log that displays the results of that disk check and creates a ticket for our tech's to review with all the contents of the disk check in the ticket.

    Hope this helps out

  • Standard "When messing with the registry and other stuff" Disclaimer: Modifying the registry can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system or worse yet someone elses. I cannot guarantee that problems resulting from modifications to the registry can be solved. Use the information and/or scripts provided at your own risk In other words if you mess something up don't blame me... please.

  • Thanks guy. Great help.