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Lan Watch

  • Hello,

    I have a issue with lan watch, it just doesn't show all of my devices... I'm trying to check a lan for snmp devices, i use the right community name and right ip range but some devices wont show. When i log into the agent and poll the machines manually with Net-SNMP there is no problem.

    Anyone having the same problem or knows what to do? If I cant get lan watch to work i can't use my snmp sets...

  • I've found LANWatch to work well, but have primarily used the ping scanning function, rather than SNMP.  Can't see why it wouldn't work unless it's a routing / firewall type issue.  Are you SNMP from the same box etc, any firewalls in between Kaseya VSA and the device you are looking at?

  • Thanks for youre reply.

    I found the problem, i just had to wait a (big) while longer before the lan watch was ready. I didn't expect it would take that much longer to find a firewall then normal servers.

    Thanks anyway and sorry for using youre time.

  • Do any one know ..how to put IP exclusion range in LAN Watch ??