I am still trying to get our Cisco Pix 501 recgonized and monitored with Kaseya. When I goto Assign SNMP though nothing shows up.

- I have loaded the Cisco MIBs from Cisco's website and from here ( I see the Cisco MIBS loaded but when I goto products and see the individual cisco models I cant expand their folders (not sure if I am supposed to be able to).
- I have set a local server in the SNMP Community section
- I have configured out Pix to point at the IP of the server for snmp and entered the same passphrase.
- I have ran a lanwatch (and it listed the Pix as one of the IPs it saw)
- I have went to Assign Monitoring and added the Base Server Performance and Cisco Pix sets to it. It has started collecting and displaying base server performance data on itself already.

Am I missing a step?

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