Hello to everyone.

I'd like to tell something about monitoring.

I cannot say that the monitoring section is absent in kaseya, but I think it could (and should) be much better.

First of all it seems to me that for every check it sould be possibile to set the following value.

Test interval: time in seconds between tests

Alarm generation: how many consecutive failed tests until the first alarm is generated

Alarm delay: Time in seconds between tests after the first generated alarm

Alarm action: action (alert, email, script) when monitor enters alarm state

Alarm action list:action (alert, email, script) when monitor exits alarm state

Automatic de-alarm: if the alarm state ends (in any way) the system must notify the stop of the alarm state

Secondo, if I set a monitor to restart a service, I'm notified as soon as the service is down, even if the service is succesfully restared from Kaseya.

How is it possibile today to do a professional monitor of customer's pcs and servers?

I'm a fun of tha Kaseya framework, but for monitoring I have to use external framwaork/application.

Has anyone somthing to say?
Am I missing something?



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