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Alert aggregation

  • We use Kaseya, Postini, Zenith, Asigra, and Connectwise, all of which can be configured to e-mail alerts. Configuring and managing the alerts is somewhat of a nightmare.We startbyconfiguring pretty much the same alerts for each company, ineach tool,and direct them at the appropriate recipients. However, some clients have different requirements and staff changes mean constant fiddling with configurations, with plenty of opportunity for human error and no confidence that we have them configured correctly or completely.

    I'm curious what everyone else does about this configuration quagmire?

    Jim Lancaster
    Sagiss, LLC
    Dallas, TX

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  • Why not setup a set of generic e-mail accounts (or aliases) and change where they forward when you change the recipient? you could set all applications to mail to one set of e-mail addresses and when it comes time to change, just change where those addresses point. Sounds like it would be a lot easier.

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