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Alarms Database Purge


    With the continuous inflow of alarms, database is constantly growing. I am now looking at possibly deleting some old alarms, basically purging the system.

    Does anyone have any input on this as to whether or not its a good idea or are there other considerations?

    Is there any type of archive available, or is there even a need to archive?

    Is it simply deleting the alarms in batches of 2000 at a time or is there a more global delete/purge method?


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  • 2000 at a time is the most you can delete. If you delete an alarm then you cant report on it. If you close then you can report on it. Deleting alarms is not really too big of a deal since you can only keep so many days based upon what you have specified in the Log settings. For example I only keep alarms for 40 days. Thats long enough to do a monthly report but not enough to keep the 100,000+ alarms that I have had on my Kaseya server since we started using Kaseya.

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