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  • I have been trying to assign a monitor set to a "template" client setup as recommended by Kaseya with the "templates" group. Unfortunately, since these clients are really running anywhere the Kaseya system is telling me I have to upgrade them before assigning monitoring. I go to the Agent -> Update Agent tab and it has a "?" under version for all of the template clients.

    So, has anyone found a way to assign a monitor set to a template client using Kaseya's recommendation for creating template clients?

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  • Kaseya Checklist.xls
    As of version 4.7 you cannot assign a monitor set to a template, this is because the perfmon counters in monitor sets are OS specific and Kaseya uses the information from an Audit to match the sets, of course because a template has no agent checking into it there is no audit information. We are currently looking to see if we can add this functionality.

    You can of course use the Agents->Copy Settings function and copy settings from an 'actual' machine rather than a template, although this is only recommended where you have static machines that do not vary to ensure you get reliable settings.

    The checklist attached is a set of steps you can run through when rolling out to ensure you don't miss any of the manual steps. You can also use the same list when doing a 'copy settings' to ensure you re-apply any site specific settings.

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