Has anyone tackled the issue of ensuring emergency alerts generated by kaseya monitors are persistent until the issue has been dealt with? We find the Kaseya Monitoring process only generates one alert per monitoring threshold and if you happen to miss this email notificaiton, the problem would continue without any further notifications.

Upon trying to tackle this issue, we discovered Monitors that are past certain thresholds trigger additional alerts on the same monitor but this happenssort ofrandomly - mainly we discovered when Patch Audit runs or when you initiate an RAdmin console to the server, the Kaseya Agent or the Kaseya Server goes to initialize Monitoring and deals with Alert Notifications as if they were occurring for the first time. We further discovered ifyou force a Full Check-In from the Agent by clicking on "Refresh", the Alerts/Notifications are generated every time on the same Monitor that has reached escalation status.

So, does anyone know how to force a Full Agent Check-In by way of a script or as a persistent setting on the Agent? Of course, this Agent setting would only be enabled on critical Servers and Workstations.

Thanks In Advance!

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