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SQL Monitoring set problems

  • When we use the SQL monitoring set it sometimes shows an SQL Cache Hits warning with a value of -999. The interval between the warnings is random. The settings are the following:

    Threshold: 90
    Alarm: 85
    Sample Interval: 60
    Description: Should be above 90 %

    The problem cannot be not enough processor power, or not enough memory. The server gets a reboot every morning at 6 AM.

    This is an example of the waring table:


    12:37:57 26-Jun-06

    06:09:24 26-Jun-06

    12:38:01 25-Jun-06

    11:14:29 25-Jun-06

    11:14:21 25-Jun-06

    11:01:52 25-Jun-06

    10:58:54 25-Jun-06


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  • -999 means that the system is not picking up the values.. Try opening Perf mon on that machine and see if the object counters are there.

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