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How to monitor for IP change

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I am trying to find a way to monitor for IP changes. Several of the computers I monitor need to keep their internal IP address and I want to be notified if it changes. Is there a way do do this?

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  • There are a few ways I can think of that you can do this, by far the easiest way would be to use External Monitoring > System Check. You can do a ping from one of the internal systems that always stays online and that has a static IP address configured.

    Alternatively you can do this with an Agent Procedure too, put the computers IP address in a txt file in a safe place on the computer and create/schedule a script to compare the computers IP address with the one in the txt file if they don't match up then get it to email you an alert. The agent variable to get the current IP address for the machine you want to monitor the IP address change on is #vMachine.IpAddress#

  • Why not just assign them static IPs?

  • Or you could just set the MAC addresses as DHCP reservations on your server.

  • It's possible they already are static and they need to be monitored in case something like that breaks (Driver Updates have done this to me).

    If they're not DHCP, output ipconfig /all to a text file and notify when that text file changes.