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Symantec Backup Exec Monitoring Strategies?

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Does anyone else monitor Symantec Backup Exec with Kaseya? If so do you have any strategies you use? We can monitor the main errors using the event logging but would like a way to be notified if a succesful backup does not occur within a certain time frame.



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  • To do this you need to turn on log to eventlog on job success. Then setup an alarm if it doesn't see a success in the events logs in x days.

  • I have 3 different event sets. One is for logging successes and for the warning that a backup was completed but some files were skipped. The second one is for job failure errors. I have these emailed to me. I use a rule to separate them into a folder called KBackup in Outlook. In the morning, I receive one or the other. If I receive nothing then I have to remote to machine to find out what is going on. This has cut my backup checking time from 45 minutes to 10-15 minutes on the average.

    My third set is for all other errors.

    I do have a fourth set that I am still working on that is for detecting a job that is queued because of no media, but it has been a little more temperamental.

    Hope this helps. I can provide more details if needed.

    So far this has worked for versions 10d, 11d, and 12.5. Have not installed 2010 yet but I assume it will wrk the same with minor tweaking.

  • I'd also recommend using a Monitor Set to monitor all the services.

  • Hopefully this thread is still being monitored. :)

    I am also working on a similar monitoring as with killroysays but i am having some issues with.

    - i only want to get the logs that are related to the actual backup job. Most of our bigger clients have tape loaders and when it unlocks the drive, it fires a Job success log (34112) which is also the as the actual backup job itself.

      - My Solution: i tried to specify on the description. Ex. Description -  *Daily Backup* - Since we do differentials on weekdays and full on weekends, i am thinking of creating another entry for Full Backup description.

    Anyone can share their thought? Really appreciate any insights. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    the problem with the eventlog monitoring  is when  you have serveral back-up jobs per day.

    A succesful back-up job and one that was not succesfull is then very confusing.  Also for reporting to your customer is this not very good.

    We use scipts. I found them on the forum and adopted these a little bit. We are now working on one for Backup exec 2010

  • Alerting on successful events is not nice as it counts towards a failure in your Executive Summary reporting so as mentioned above use the Events ID's but run scripts that log to the Agent Procedure/Script log so that you don't get Alerts unless it is for a failed backup.

    The key is to create several Backup Exec monitoring sets, (Failure set, Successful set, Completed with Exceptions Set, Job Canceled Set, Missing Backup Event Set). To spot Backup events that did not occur create another Event monitoring set that looks for both Failed, Canceled, Completed with Exceptions and Successful events and use the "Alert when this event doesn't occur within (period)" option.

    Now if you are doing several backup jobs in one day this can get tricky, but keep in mind the idea behind it is to detect backup jobs that has not occurred which would in some cases also cause the other backup jobs to not run say if you are using tape media. Another thing I would do for your backup jobs is set the job timeout period for your backup jobs (in Backup Exec) so that if they run longer then expected that they fail so that you get an alert and so that the next backup job can run without any problems.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely consider it in the future but for now, i'll just have to satisfy my Boss' request which to see an alert only for successful and failed backups only. I was thinking of doing below in one monitor set. Is this even possible? i tested only using the first line and its working but i dont want to use the another monitor for the full backup. Is there anything you guys can suggest to make it better? Thanks.

    <element_data ignore="0" source="Backup Exec" category="*" eventId="34112" username="*" description="*Daily Backup*"/>

    <element_data ignore="0" source="Backup Exec" category="*" eventId="34112" username="*" description="*Full Backup*"/>